Las Vegas Trip Planning by Donaco
Las Vegas Trip Planning by Donaco
Las Vegas Trip
Planning by Donaco
Las Vegas Trip Planning
by Donaco
Las Vegas Trip
Planning by Donaco
Las Vegas Trip
Planning by Donaco
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Heading to Las Vegas and not sure where to stay or what to do?

I can help with that.

Las Vegas is my favorite getaway city and I want to share it with others. You really don't want to sit in your hotel room wondering what to do once you're there. You want the best time possible.

A few years ago, friends asked me to help plan a couple trips for them. That led to strangers, a magazine editor, police officers, two doctors, retirees and others wanting some advice. They were busy people who appreciated some guidance finding places to stay that were right for them. Some traveled with family, some solo, some with a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Las Vegas Trip Planning
by Donaco

Everybody reports back happy (except for the money they lose in the casinos... I'm not responsible for that!).

It's easy to plan this stuff when you know how and enjoy doing it.

If you have a party in Las Vegas and need help doing some kind of theme, we can discuss your options. Maybe work up a '70s theme or a country theme or a European theme.... Lots of possibilities there.

  • Planning a bachelor/bachelorette party and don't know the best party spots?
  • Planning a reunion and looking for family-friendly resorts and shows?
  • Hitting Las Vegas for work or play and feeling overwhelmed (but excited!)?

Whether you are on a budget and have two days and $200 to spend or a week and unlimited funds, we can build your perfect trip.

I'm there six or more times a year and have visited or stayed at all the major hotels and most of the minor ones on The Strip, off The Strip, and Downtown. I've been to "Sin City" for parties, weddings, conferences, performances, getaways and hook-ups. And at all times of the year. I've socialized with young people, older people, wheelchair-bound travelers, alcoholics, non-drinkers, straight people, gay people, and others in between.

Las Vegas Trip Planning
by Donaco

Yes, Las Vegas is a hobby of mine.

If you need someone to help plan and throw around some ideas, I'm happy to assist. Together, we'll fine-tune what you're looking for so you get what you want out of your trip.

  • Picking your hotel
  • Finding a show that interests you
  • Giving advice on nightclubs
  • Exotic entertainment
  • Gambling (they call it "gaming")
  • Buffets, restaurants
  • Entertaining kids
  • Shopping (I can shop with the best of 'em)
  • Sightseeing
  • Transportation
all the stuff that makes Las Vegas Vegas, Baby!

I can make the reservations for you or lead you to the phone numbers/web pages and you can make the reservations yourself.

My services are not supported by any other commercial interests. That being the case, I will be frank with you and tell you when I think a show or a hotel or a buffet or club isn't worth the time.

Do you have special needs? Let's hear 'em. We can work out the details. My trip planning services are affordable and actually can help save you money and time by hunting down prices for you and taking the worry out of "What should we do when we get there?"

  • Consulting about hotels and getting you hotel phone numbers
  • Consulting about shows and getting you phone numbers
  • Consulting about restaurants and getting you phone numbers
  • Consulting and making hotel reservations
  • Consulting and making show reservations
  • Consulting and making restaurant reservations
  • My advice on food and sightseeing and gambling and transportation is thrown in on the house when we work together.
Las Vegas Trip Planning by
Email me for a price list. You'll find there's an option for every budget... mild to wild. So let's get rolling.

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Las Vegas
Trip Planning by Donaco